SurveyMagik 5.0 released

SurveyMagik 5.0 was released today and adds several new features including: Ability to create re-usable survey templates that can even be added globally by an account administrator Enhanced graph display for survey results Ability to create lists of users that need to authenticate prior to taking a survey API for integration with third parties  

January 1st, 2011|

Power Rangers Gateway Launches New Site

With help from CMSMagik, launches their latest website, JungleFury.  This is the first of the Power Rangers sites to use CMSMagik 2.0, while three of their other sites utilize CMSMagik 1.0.  Also the creators of will be launching sites about a new television series known as Kamen Riders, which will also use CMSMagik [...]

September 27th, 2010|

SurveyMagik 4.1 Released

SurveyMagik 4.1 was released with several performance enhancements and new features such as results labels and result filtering based on labels

October 9th, 2007|